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Here’s high-tech proof that a full-size SUV can offer outstanding performance and remarkable fuel economy. Standard Gen IV Vortec 5300 V8 models feature a technological advancement called Active Fuel Management. In normal driving conditions, Active Fuel Management deactivates four of the V8’s cylinders when less power is needed, essentially turning the V8 into a V4. When you need V8 power, it’s automatically there for you. The engine always starts and idles on eight cylinders, and runs on eight during brisk acceleration or when carrying or towing loads. What’s more, it switches between V4 and V8 operation so seamlessly that you’ll never notice the transition. In testing, the new system increased fuel efficiency by up to six percent.

جي ام سي يوكون – نظام الفرامل

Braking System

Four-wheel disc brakes complemented by an all-new antilock braking system and larger, vented rotors provide even greater stopping power, with an enlarged cooling area for improved performance.

جي ام سي يوكون – صف ثانٍ من المقاعد القابلة للطي والرفع كهربائيا

Power fold-and-tumble second-row seats

Welcome to a new era in convenience.Second-row seats featuring a new power fold-and-tumble design (available with Yukon / Yukon XL SLT trim) - an industry-exclusive design. Two buttons in the overhead console allow you to fold and tumble the left or right seat individually. Or you may simply push a button located on either rear-door pillar and each seat is automatically unlatched, folded and tumbled for easier access to the third-row seat.You may then manually return them to their original position.

جي ام سي يوكون – نظام StabiliTrakTM للتحكم بالثبات

StabiliTrakTM Stability Control System

StabiliTrakTM, standard on Yukon 1/2-ton models, is an engineering advance that improves safety, stability and control on all road surfaces, and is especially valuable during emergency maneuvers. Sensors read the position of your steering wheel, vehicle speed, brake pressure, lateral acceleration and turning rate, before feeding this data to an onboard computer. If your Yukon is not responding adequately to your steering input, the computer instantly adjusts engine speed and brake pressure to any individual wheel to help keep you on track. Rollover mitigation capabilities are also provided, with the sensors programmed to proactively predict and help counteract vehicle "tip-up" on a flat road surface.

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Rearview Mirror Camera

An available rearview camera system includes a built-in camera mounted near the license plate. When you shift into Reverse, an image from the camera is displayed in a portion of the rearview mirror (so you can still use the mirror). The mirror reverts to a normal full-frame image/reflection when you shift into Drive or Park.

جي ام سي يوكون – وسادات هوائية جانبية علوية (ستائر

Head-curtain Side-impact Airbags

A head-curtain side-impact airbag system functions like a protective curtain, unfolding from the roof rail. A large airbag on each side protects outboard first- and second-row passengers, while a dedicated airbag on each side protects the third row. The head-curtain side-impact airbags are activated by side-impact sensors as well as rollover sensors. Standard on all models.

جي ام سي يوكون – باب خلفي يفتح إلى الأعلى كهربائيا

Power Liftgate

The power liftgate is a breakthrough in convenience. If you’re inside the vehicle, use a switch in the overhead console to open or close it. If you’re outside the vehicle, you may use another control button, located on the inside of the liftgate, to close it. Or use the key fob (see above). For safety’s sake, a built-in sensor helps stop the gate’s attempt to open or close if it encounters resistance. Standard with SLT trim.